We are delighted to be partnered with The MYZONE® heart training system; it is a huge part of our service delivery and how we guarantee your success. A disciplined but super fun program like nothing you’ve experienced! 

Physical Activity Belt

Unlike other activity trackers that only count steps and estimate calories burned, the MYZONE® belt monitors your heart rate to determine effort exerted during exercise. The technology guarantees accurate and personalized results that will help you make the most of your workouts. MYZONE® also features a unique point system that levels the playing field no matter how fit you are, and rewards effort, not fitness.

Live Feedback inside BODYCENTRAL

When you wear your physical activity belt within a MYZONE®-enabled section of BC, your information will be streamed to displays in the form of a color-coded, easy-to-read tile, which motivates you to put in the effort required to get the results you want.


The free MYZONE® App makes it easy for you to stream your activity, upload your data, and review your results from your smartphone. The app allows you (and us) to monitor your activity calendar, workout graphs, and challenges. You can also upload personal before and after photos and keep a picture food diary.

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It is a great tool, to hold yourself accountable and increase the effectiveness of your workouts. By making sure you’re in the right zone as you exercise, you’ll burn more calories, hit your fitness goals, and see progress. You’ll even be able to look back at your workouts later and determine if they match up with what you were trying to accomplish – and that includes if your goal was just to enjoy it! 

Use the app to share your stats, post photos, and engage with others’ workouts!



One of my favorite features is the social connections function. You can plug into our BODYCENTRAL community by adding connections from the gym. You can rename your workouts, interact with others by sending likes or comments, and add photos if you like. If you had a particularly motivating workout and you want to share it to another social media account, it’s easy to export. Feel free to connect with me, if you like!



Participate in challenges created by the gym, your social connections, or yourself. Anyone can create a challenge. Then encourage each other through the social connections function to make goals. 




Myzone is a blast to use during group exercise! Our Myzone belts automatically sync to a monitor, and will showcase all the nearby Myzone users on the display.  I could see in real time how much effort I was putting in and how that compared to others. Additionally, I could use that information to adjust my workout. If my heart rate wasn’t in the target zone for a particular exercise, I could either work harder (if my heart rate was too low) or rest longer (if it was too high). Seeing everyone represented on the screen also added to the sense of community and made the group workout more fun. 


If you’re having fun and maintaining consistency, you’ll get better RESULTS. 

If you have any more questions about the Myzone, feel free to contact jody ; 




MYZONE® Belt features

Live display of data via smartphone app, watch or ‘in gym’ displays.

Online logbook with goal setting, biometric data, challenges, status rank and social feeds.

Stores up to 16 hours of storage for those times you don’t have your smartphone.

MYZONE® module is rechargeable using the recharge dongle (included).

Comfortable textile strap with button on module.

Records & Uploads Time/ Effort/ Calories/ Heart Rate/ MEPs.

Wirelessly uploads data when in range of designated MYZONE® facilities, or within range of your smartphone.

– Washable Strap and Water Resistant module.

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