Dear BODYCENTRAL community,


Due to the most recent announcements by the Australian Government regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, all enclosed spaces for gatherings including gyms will need to be closed. It is with sadness and a heavy heart that we will be closing BODYCENTRAL (both fitness & skin)


We are working hard to understand the full picture of what this may mean in the shorter and longer terms and as we do,  we will continue to keep everyone up to date as that picture develops. 


We are so grateful for the outpouring of support shown by you, our members and friends. We are a strong community and we believe if we all stick together during this challenging time, we will get through it. There will be many of us who will need support and we’ll need to have each other’s backs.


From the dozens of conversation we’ve had today, it’s pretty clear you are all itching to continue with your fitness routine as best as possible. This is so important not only for our fitness and physical health, but for our mental health and being able to cope with whatever may come our way.






Very shortly you will be notified that access to our closed Facebook group BODYCENTRAL MEMBERS will be up and running. Here, you will find at home workouts, live workouts, daily challenges, member videos, MYZONE challenges & workouts, BC trainers tips and much more.


We value each of you very much and appreciate all the community support at the moment, we hope you will stick with us in this challenging time to ensure there is a BODYCENTRAL to come back to. 


Anyone not wishing to participate in any of the above or experiencing financial difficulties please email us to suspend your membership.


Please allow us some time to respond to all of your questions and concerns on our email and social media channels. 


We love the community we have built together and we wish everyone the best of luck through these times. Our wish for you and your families is to stay safe and well. So it’s not the time to make a dent in that couch, but to try and stick to your usual fitness schedule as best you can – and we will do everything we can to support you to do this.  


We all need this, now more than ever.


Tony and Jody









Has anyone ever told you that you’re so INTENSE? 

Our next MYZONE challenge may prove just that! 


We’re looking to crown our ‘MR or MRS INTENSITY’ of BODYCENTRAL... will it be you?





Starts Monday the 23rd of March

14 day challenge



Only GREEN, YELLOW & RED MEPs will count

(70% plus of max heart rate)


To be eligible you must be a member of BC and participate in a minimum of 6 classes and or PT sessions during the 14 day period. Any extra sessions, including outdoors activities will be a bonus (with MEPs included)


Winner receives a $100 local restaurant gift voucher (TBA)

plus of course, total bragging rights!



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Sessions running Monday to Saturday

Early weekdays:  5.50am    

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Evening sessions:  5.30pm  &  6.30pm 



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