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Osborne Park, Perth

WA 6017


Opening Hours

Monday        9.00am  –  6.00pm

Tuesday       10.00am  –  6.00pm

Wednesday  9.00am  –  6.00pm

Thursday      10.00am  –  8.00pm

Friday            9.00am  –  5.00pm

Saturday       9.00am  –  1.00pm




Sessions running Monday to Saturday

Early weekdays:  5.50am    

Saturdays:  7am

Weekday Lunch classes:  12.15pm

Evening sessions:  5.30pm  &  6.30pm 



(08) 9204 5623

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OPEN CLASS TRIAL 23/03 to 19/04


Dear Members, what a week its been!


In keeping with our continued commitment on health & safety, we will now trial a new segment called OPEN CLASS.


These sessions will offer members 'free time' to do their own workout, with a maximum of four others at any one time.


There will be 8 x OPEN CLASS time-slots available and you will need to book into these sessions via the BODYCENTAL APP, just like a class.

Please note: we will only be allowing a maximum of 5 people per time-slot. Booking into these sessions will be imperative and this will be a strict rule.



* May we ask that you be courteous to others and not pre-book sessions if you are possibly not going to use them. If you are unable to make a sessions you can also easily 'unbook' at anytime. Please be considerate with this.


During each session you may arrive at any time during the allocated hour and use the downstairs equipment as you wish. We will have a few suggested workouts for those who need assistance and a staff member will always be on hand if needed.


This trial commences on Monday the 23rd to Sunday the 19th of April.


Classes are live on the APP now.








Thank you for your continued support, it means the world to us.





Don’t miss our signature class that doesn’t just take you out, it throws you out of your comfort zone. Functional training combined in a non- stop HIIT circuit. Don’t be put off as a novice, everyone works at their own pace and ability. With the BC coach’s guidance & use of MYZONE heart rate monitoring, you will be pushed to YOUR own individual max. ‘Intense training for the ultimate lean body’

S & M

Do you like a little bit of pain? Do you want the pleasure of a toned and firm body? Then this Strength & Movement class is a must for your weekly routine. Discover your inner strength with our BC coaches, practicing all forms of weight training, traditional lifting & modern innovative functional training. Lift, push, pull to the limits.


Need a class to kick your ass? Punching to thumping tunes, this one’s guaranteed to make you sweat! Our specialty boxing class is all about shedding those kilos and having fun doing it; let our team show you boxing on a whole new level. Expect from our coaches fast pace drills to make your body scream! Power, speed & incredible weight loss.


Boxing, Bikes & Bells is our new combo class!
Start the session with straight out boxing combos and drills. Up next; bikes, bars, bells, burpees & balls… anything goes HIIT style training to keep that heart pumping! *Bring your gloves



For boys and girls aged 9 to 16 years old. Learn all the skills needed for both boxing and fitness classes.
Fantastic opportunity to get fit + have fun in a safe environment, with one of Perth's long standing trainers; owner Tony Robson

Saturdays 9.00am  &  Tuesdays 4.15pm
55 minute session

▪️Direct all enquiries to 📧 ☎️ 9204 5623