IPL / SHR Hair Removal


SHR (Super Hair Removal) is a technology that combines Laser and IPL. SHR combined with “In Motion” represents a breakthrough in permanent hair reduction with light technology.

The super chilled hand piece cools the skin’s surface making the treatment is more pleasant than with the conventional systems plus your skin is better protected.  



Client Comfort

SHR treatments are significantly more comfortable with no skin irritation. The SHR supports active cooling in the hand-pieces, which keeps the surface of the skin comfortable throughout the procedures.


Permanent Hair REDUCTION

Based on the absorption of specific wavelengths of light energy which are transformed into heat below the surface of the skin, light based hair reduction compromises the body’s ability to re-grow hair in the treated area. Permanent and long-lasting results!

Fast and Convenient Treatments

The large surface area covered by the specialized SHR hand-pieces enables fast and effective treatments. With no post-treatment discomfort, it’s easy to receive treatments at lunch and then return to the office that afternoon.

Frequently asked questions

How should I prep for my treatments?

  • No sun exposure, self tan for 2 weeks leading up to your treatment.

  • No waxing, plucking or bleaching for four weeks leading up to your treatment.

  • You will need to shave 24hrs prior to your treatment leaving a small patch of hair to consult with.

What should I expect after my treatment?

At the end of each treatment, the treated area may show slight reddening which tends to disappear after only a few minutes. The hairs remain in the skin but those that have been damaged by the laser and will gradually drop out over the following 2 weeks. This sometimes gives the appearance of the hair growing more quickly than normal but is really due to the hair being shed from the skin.

What is the difference between Laser & IPL / SHR?

Fundamentally they have a similar mechanism of action (photo-thermal), however two significant benefits of SHR are: more speed and less sensation. Larger hand-pieces means SHR technology can perform procedures up to ten times faster than traditional LASER or IPL technologies and with active cooling in the hand-pieces, the sensation of SHR is far less intense.


  • Lip  $39

  • Chin  $39

  • Lip & Chin  $69

  • Sideburns  $49

  • Breasts  $49

  • Underarms  $69

  • Bikini/Gstring $69

  • Brazillian  $99

  • Full leg  $299

  • Half leg  $199

  • Half arm  $149

  • Full arm  $199

  • Back  $269

  • Chest  $269

  • Neck  $99

  • Mankini  $89

  • Manzilian $129

  • Packages available.


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Consultation is necessary for all IPL & SHR treatments.

If you are unsure of any of our treatments we encourage you to call and speak with our therapists. They will be more than happy to assist you in choosing the right treatment and making your booking. Call 9204 5623  /  info@bodycentral.com.au


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