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If you’ve ever tried a traditional sauna, it can conjure up memories of high heat, hot rocks and steam. This method of heating hasn’t changed much in hundreds of years.


Infrared saunas have gained popularity because of their lower, more comfortable temperatures and wellness outcomes. What makes infrared fantastic is its ability to penetrate deeply into the body to raise core body temperature.


Infrared heat occurs naturally as the warmth we feel from the sun. It has been used by health practitioners in devices such as heat lamps for many years. Infrared is entirely safe and is completely different to UV or microwaves.


How Do Infrared Saunas Work?

We encounter electromagnetic waves in everyday life and infrared waves are part of this spectrum. These waves occur naturally from the sun and provide warmth, but they are entirely different from UV rays that can lead to sunburns and eventual skin damage. In fact, infrared rays are completely safe and offer numerous natural health benefits.


Infrared waves occur in three categories: near, mid, and far. Collectively, these rays penetrate the body and raise the core body temperature.


Near Infrared Waves

Shortest waves that penetrate the epidermis (first 7 layers of skin)


Cell regeneration

Improved immunity

Skin rejuvenation


Mid Infrared Waves

Mid-range waves that increase cardiovascular activity


Pain relief

Improved circulation

Weight loss


Far Infrared Waves:

Longest frequency waves that increases the core temperature of the body for a deep sweat at the cellular level where most toxins are stored




Blood pressure reduction


 Wellness benefits










Pain Relief

Infrared heat penetrates tissue, joints, and muscles, to relieve pain stemming from overuse, strain, or repetitive motion. If you suffer from muscle aches or joint pain, infrared sauna can relieve this form of inflammation by increasing circulation and relaxing your muscles.



Infrared stimulates collagen production to reduce wrinkles and improve overall skin tone plus boosts the delivery of nutrients to your skin through an elevated blood flow resulting in clearer, softer, and healthier looking skin.



In just a few minutes the gentle warmth of an infrared Sauna will help you feel relaxed, rejuvenated, and renewed which balances your body's level of cortisol, your body's primary stress hormone.

Infrared therapy also increases serotonin, a powerful hormone associated with relaxation and sleep. Following a sauna session, people show more brain waves related to deeper, more restful sleep.


Blood vessels will dilate which may assist with circulation

As you sit in your sauna, it creates a mild hyperthermia effect which causes the blood vessels to dilate. The dilation causes your heart beat to slightly increase which to assist your circulation.



Who should avoid an infrared sauna?

Use of an infrared sauna is safe for most individuals.


Don't use a sauna if you take medications which interfere with your body's ability to regulate temperature, or medications which make you drowsy. Don't use a sauna if you're ill.


Those with cardiovascular disease, someone who’s had a heart attack, kidney disease or individuals with low blood pressure, however, should speak with their physician before use.


We do not recommend sauna during pregnancy at our facility.




Remember that infrared sauna therapy is about cellular detoxification and regeneration. It is helpful to consider the following tips so that you can have the best detoxification possible.

  • Hydrate before and after sauna session.

  • Eating well allows your body to detoxify efficiently.

  • Have clean skin that is free of chemicals, creams and self-tanners before entering.

  • You may need to build your tolerance so if you feel done at 20 minutes, no worries, the infrared waves have done their job. You can gradually build to 40 minutes.



Before your Session:

Hydrate your body! Your body is only going to be able to sweat out as much water as you give it.

In the hours leading up to your appointment make sure to increase your normal water intake.


Remove all makeup and come “fresh faced,” as it will allow your skin to receive the full benefits.


What to Wear:

We highly recommend you wear loose fitting clothing so that you may dress easily after your sweat session. Please bring your bathers to wear inside the sauna or a spare of underwear. The more skin exposed the better during your session however, for hygiene we do ask you to wear bather bottoms or underwear. We will supply you with towels but if preferred bring your own.


During your Session:

Each client is unique in their sweating journey. Some clients sweat after about 15 minutes into their first session, where others may take until the end of the session. Whatever your sweat pattern is, it is normal and once you start sweating on a regular basis you will be retraining your body to do what comes naturally. While you are in your private sauna, stay mindful of how your body is handling the session. You are always welcome to open the sauna door to inhale some fresh air and hydrate.


After your Session:

When you finish your 30 - 40 minute sauna session, you will still continue to perspire for a good 10 minutes. Please dry off in the sauna, then step out and repeat drying again. You may then dress and return to our reception space where you can sit a little while longer if desired.

Keep up the fluids!


We do not recommend showering straight after your sauna as this will disrupt the positive work your body is going through. If possible we advise you wait at least 30 minutes to shower after your session as you want to keep your heart rate up, continuing burning calories, and detoxing.


3 sessions for $99



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